The next activities

The next appointments:

  • starting now and again at the beginning of June we will check all the main paths and mule tracks around Villatalla
  • 9.6. we meet at the ex-schuol in order to prepare the next day
  • 10.6. we will clean the path that leads to the neviera, putting signs and afterwards there will be a little party at the neviera (ice-house)!
  • In mid-June we will start with our open air cinema. The place or the places and the films are still to be specified, please tell us your preferences!

Some other projects:

  • we are planning two workshops for children during the summer holidays, starting at the end of june. (an english course and an art course)
  • at the beginning of july we start the course “How to make a good interview”, which is referred mainly to the youth. The children and young people of Villatalla will interview their grandparents.
  • investigations and the creation of an archive of photographs around the history of the country
    Every new member is welcome! To join, ask Mario Gazzano, Mauro or Katja, Tel .: 334 333 88 14