Ad ognuno la sua p’Arte – 2019

International art-event in Villatalla

Discover contemporary art strolling through a historic village

Open on Sunday: 18 August 2019

Guided tours from 10 am to 6 pm
artistic performances starting at 6 pm
refreshment, music at 8,30 pm


Menno Schrap NL, Jessica Padt NL, Mikaela Drux DE/CH, Françoise Rod CH/FR, Madeleine Doré CA/FR, Giuseppe Pintus IT, Sebastiano A. De Laurentiis IT, Valérie Daval FR, Yves Denogent CH, Marie Noëlle Deverre FR, Samuel Boré FR, Neckel Scholtus LU, Nancy Exarhu GR/US, Janet Park CO/US, Marcos Vidal ES, Christine Gist GB, Blanca Alonso ES, Maria Morata ES/D, Nicolae Velciov RO, Jan Pohribny CZ, Kirsimaria E. Törönen FI, Ettore Labbate IT/FR, Rafaël Guiavarc’h FR, Nikolas Foure FR.

The artists come from all over the world – USA, Canada, South Korea, Czech Republic, Great Britain, Finland, Romania, Luxembourg, Spain, France, Holland, Switzerland, Italy and Germany  – to transform the medieval mountain village of Villatalla into an open-air museum of modern avant-garde art. Ad ognuno la sua p’arte means: “To each his share (part) / each shows his art (arte)”. In 2019 this artistic event takes place in Villatalla already for the sixth time. Villatalla is a picturesque, very original mountain village, situated on a ridge in the hinterland of Imperia. On a walk through the village, the visitor discovers contemporary works, which are fitted into the surrounding medieval context by 25 internationally renowned artists. Installations, sculptures, photographs, pictures, performances, poetry, sounds: everyone will contribute his share to art.

But „Ad ognuno la sua p’arte“ is more than an art exhibition. It is a dialogue, an encounter between artists, visitors and locals. The children of the village play an important role in this story: They lead through the outdoor exhibition. In the days before the event they are introduced to the individual artistic pieces. Every artist explains them idea, material and meaning of his oeuvre. Coordinated by the adolescent Pietro Gazzano, who divides them in groups of two, the children present the respective art event in italian, english, german or french. And maybe this year the children will prepare an artistic surprise themselves.

The adult inhabitants of the village also contribute to the event: two families and the Benedictine monks offer sleeping places, other families cook for the artists, the village women bake, the men help the creatives to transport and assemble heavy parts. Thus, the event on Sunday becomes a great work of art: to each its share.

The organizers: tadlachance and Speak

The idea of the event comes from the artists’ association „tadlachance“, which is dedicated to the promotion of contemporary art. Who has made possible the whole event is the swiss company „Speak“. The artists’ union tadlachance represents conceptual art and relational aesthetics, two contemporary art movements that involve the environment and the audience in the artistic work. Since 2001 tadlachance has been implementing artistic mobility practices, that means that Art is taken out of the traditional locations of the exhibition and the artist approaches the viewer and encourages him to participate in the contemporary creative process or project. The artists of tadlachance are concerned with establishing relationships between the individuals and the various collectives. Madeleine Doré and Françoise Rod are the initiators of the group. It all started when Speak – the Swiss company of Brigitt Walser, Sibylle Sommerer, and Jürg Hebeisen – invited the artist Françoise Rod in 2014 to realize a project in Villatalla. In the spring of 2000, the three founded the Atelier “Villatalla” to give space to art and artists: a gift to Swiss artists to realize their creative projects for several months in Liguria. And an offer to the inhabitants of Villatalla to deal with modern art.

Special thanks are due to all inhabitants of Villatalla, the company Speak, the tadlachance association, the city of Cuges Les Pins and the department of Bouches du Rhône.