Alejandro Soto

  • Painter
  • Chili

My name is Alejandro Soto. I live and work in Hamburg, Germany since the early 2000s. I graduated from the PUCV School of Architecture/Arts in Valparaiso, Chile, where I was born, too. My pictorial work is a permanently changing seek, a quest for new modes of expression. Essential elements are space, sometimes related to the real outside, or more abstract and surreal. Lately, I have returned to work from an improvisational, associative starting point, without any previously conceived concepts. My new cycle is called „Traumatisiert“, which is a play on words that includes the German word „Raum“ (space), and the psychological term „traumatisiert“ (traumatized). That word includes the word „Traum“, too, which means „dream“, which is supposed to indicate my obsession with space and the return to gesture, form and intuitive improvisation.
I`d say that improvisation is like sleeping time, where the head is freely up to create it’s internal, independent fictions and reconstructions of reality based on memory, instinct and the nature of the self, without logic and reason of the conscious state. And it’s an ephemeral act, like life itself. And as the poet Calderón de la Barca said, “life is a dream”.