Olivia Gozzano

  • Photographer, Actor, Street Artist
  • Italy

φως  γραφίς  Writing with light

Even writing with your hands dirty.

I’m Olivia Gozzano, I’ve been a photographer for a long time, and for some years now I’ve also started to make stencils and to have a more physical and material contact with the artistic process. These works of mine are mixed media, a combination of photography, transfer of images on glue or hot wax, spray, stencil, colors on various material.

Polvere di ricordi (84×84 cm su assi di legno)
Joker (30×40 cm su tela)
Maiko (86×86 cm su assi di legno)
Fante (30×40 cm su tela)
Formula di Dirac (30x35cm legno)